My name is Michel Latrémon, and I am lost, please help me!

Since march 2017, I work as author and art director on the making of a adventure game playable on smartphones and tablets.

Here’s the idea: someone contacts the player through a realtime chat app. Then, a dialogue will take place, in which the character will tell his story and ask advices to the player in order to progress.

The Talos Chronicles are planned to be released as episodes (Opus), giving to the player a different story, different universes and plots without apparent connexions between them… but with a secret common background.

The Barbuserie (the beared ones) are, apart myself:

  • Leifer Kopf, coder and game designer
  • Matthieu Loubière, musics composer and sound designer
  • Georgia Lyon Froman, US English translator
  • Dimitri Régnier, shadow advisor and AE-Com representative

The first episode, the Opus Zero “The Malemont Treasure” is about to be completed in production, and will be available soon for Android devices.

Then, about the upcoming episodes… we just need to find a motivated editor 😉

If you are interested, please visit the project page tosubscribe to the beta release for Android.

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