Creation of visual assets for a videogame prototype

The french indie game designers community called GMFrance recently organized its very first coding challenge. The event was split in two challenges; the Allweek and the GameJam (full 24h). I decided to participate to the Allweek as illustrator and designer. I teamed with Swordounet to build a game prototype following these rules:

  • Game screen up to 640x640px
  • Colors limited to the 4 shades of green used on the very first Gameboy handheld console
  • Every piece of the game must be originally created for it
  • Use of the challenge theme: “Game Girl

So, I created the title screen with a resolution of 512×512 pixels, using the four indexed colors, I also created and embedded sounds effect and composed a (poor) little intro music ; meanwhile, Swordounet coded the game mechanics and integrated all the assets in the game.

The final result is far from perfect, suffering several bugs (none of them avoid the game to be playable thu), but our prototype is fully playable, therfore the challenge is achieved!

Tools used:

  • Aseprite (GFX)
  • GameMaker Studio 1.4 (coding)
  • BFXR & Chiptone (Sounds fx)
  • Caustic (Music)
Renegade Girl

Page of the prototype on GMFrance (fr)

Download the game (Win – 7,2Mb)

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