Digital photography advanced training course

Organisé par la Fontaine Obscure et animé par Gérard Rossignol

The course is over. It’s been three days wandering in Aix-en-Provence, between the Méjane library, the university and the Arc river, with several pauses to check the work. That was terrific.

Kindly monitored by Gérard Rossignol, as I followed his wonderful advices, I have revised the basics of photography and learnt how to use my camera. Then, my teacher explained me how to compose a picture. Well, yes, I am already a video cameraman. But I must admit that the video and photo frame composition are truly differents.

Then,I learnt different tricks and techniques, playing with shutter speed, movement, panoramics and overlays.

To sum it up: three wonderful and rich days. On every level.

Stage photo - couvertures

Thanks to the Fontaine Obscure association to provide those nice and interesting courses and a kind welcome. Don’t hesitate to browse their agenda for courses, exhibits and more. If you like images, you’ll like them.

You can also have a look to the amazing pictures made by my teacher, Gérard Rossignol.

Take a look of some of my best pictures made during the course:

The website of the association «La Fontaine Obscure»:

Gérard Rossignol website, photography teacher and pictures wizard:

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